Buterin calls on “Bitcoin maximalists” because they support the President of El Salvador

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin on Friday criticized El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele for forcing companies in the country to adopt Bitcoin. Buterin also called out “Bitcoin maximalists” for supporting Bukele.

“The obligation for companies to accept a certain cryptocurrency contradicts the ideals of freedom that are supposed to be so important for the crypto space,” Buterin wrote in a Reddit post.

Last month, Bitcoin became legal tender in El Salvador. It is optional for the citizens of the country to use the cryptocurrency, but all companies must accept Bitcoin as long as they have the technology to do it.

“Every economic operator must accept Bitcoin as a means of payment if it is offered to him by someone who purchases a good or service”, Article 7 of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law read. “Those who obviously and notoriously do not have access to the technologies that enable them to carry out transactions with Bitcoin are exempt from the obligation set out in Article 7 of this law. The state will promote the necessary training and mechanisms so that Bitcoin transactions can be accessed by the population. “

This strategy of smuggling bitcoin into people who have made almost no previous attempt to educate them is “ruthless” and “risks large numbers of innocent people being hacked or betrayed,” according to Buterin.

“Shame on everyone (ok, well, I’ll name the main culprits: Shame on Bitcoin maximalists) who uncritically praise him [Bukele]“Wrote Buterin.

What about the ETH?

Would Buterin say the same about Ethereum maximalists if El Salvador chose Ether (ETH) as legal tender? Asked a Reddit user.

Buterin replied that he had criticized Ethereum users and applications several times. Elsewhere in the thread he said that the requirement of “a certain cryptocurrency” contradicts the freedom idea of ​​crypto.

Another Reddit user wondered if Bukele was buying bitcoin at a low price and he wanted it to go up, so he brought bitcoin law into the country. That is a “simpler and more stupid hypothesis,” said Buterin.

“Both for political reasons and because he’s human like the rest of us, he just loves to be praised by people he thinks are powerful (Americans, for example). be in a position of power and do or say nice things about them and their coin, “said Buterin.

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