Building a Facebook Group for Your Small Business

In this episode of the Small Business Show, Dave and Shannon talk about the evolution of the Small Business Facebook Group, what went wrong in the beginning, and what goes right with the group after some (urgently needed!) Changes. We’ll discuss how small business owners are using the new group to get critical feedback on their websites and apps, how a political discussion can be really productive considering different viewpoints, and much more. Make sure you join the new Small Business Group to take part in the discussion!

Dave then shares 5 qualities Apple CEO Tim Cook looks for when hiring, and Shannon questions the feasibility of applying these tips to any type of employee. Read the article and share your thoughts!

We’ll end the show with a quick discussion about the new Facebook marketplace, which is relaunching this week. Are Craigslist and eBay Worried? Are you going to use the FB Marketplace for your company? We will continue to discuss this new point of sale as it develops.

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Chapter / timestamp:

00:00:00 Small Business Show # 87 October 5, 2016
00:01:00 Time management: look for the busiest person
00:02:47 Lessons learned when creating our new Facebook group
00:05:29 Tim Cook’s Characteristics of an Employee
00:11:00 Rob asks you and us to rate his website
00:13:48 Taxes: Legality vs. Morality
00:21:24 Facebook marketplace

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