Brian Laundrie may have appeared on the Appalachian Trail

The hardworking Florida engineer spoke to Brian Laundrie on a private road near the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina on Saturday morning.

Dennis Davis’ encounter with the victim of Long Island native Gabby Petito comes as police receive tapes that Laundrie may be on the way, the longest route in the world.

“No doubt in my mind I talked to Brian Laundrie – nothing,” said Davis, 53.

“Dog Bounty Hunter’s daughter sent me a voice file of Brian’s voice and this voice is what I heard.”

One lost and stunned is said to have lifted Davis down Waterville Road, where the Appalachian Trail runs along the North Carolina-Tennessee border.

The Appalachians are understood as a place known to Laundrie, who was once said to have lived there “alone for months.”

The man believed to be Laundrie pulled up his car next to Davis to ask for directions to California using only the backlash and rejected Davis’ plan to take over Interstate 40.

Davis, a father of four who is climbing the Appalachian road, said Laundrie-like made a jump and ran over his girlfriend.

Davis said he believes the man was Laundrie’s “wig wig” from the run and situation with Petito.

According to Dennis Davis, the man he met looked up and spoke like a strange Brian Laundrie.
Moab City Police Department

“She said, ‘Man, I’m lost.’ I said ‘what are you trying to find?’ and he said ‘my girlfriend and I fought but he called me, he told me he loved me, and I have to go to California to see him.’

“I said ‘well, I-40 is there and you can take it west to California’ and he said, ‘I’m just taking this road to California’.

“He was worried and didn’t understand.”

Police and the FBI have continued the search for Brian Laundrie since Gabby Petito was found dead on September 19, 2021.
Police and the FBI have been searching for Brian Laundrie since Gabby Petito was found dead late last month.

Davis did not immediately recognize the man as a refugee until he pulled out and looked up pictures of the offender on his cell phone.

The man Davis saw driving a white or white-black take a car similar to a Ford F-150 and wearing a dark band on his head.

Davis worries three calls to the FBI and 911 calls to North Carolina and Tennessee have not been reinstated by law.

Fort De Soto where the Dog that Bounty Hunter says Brian Laundrie was last seen by his parents.
Fort De Soto in Florida, where the Dog that Bounty Hunter reports says Brian Laundrie was last seen by his parents. /

Although the road was dark, Davis said the headlights of both cars were enough to see a man nearby.

“Obviously, as a father with a daughter, I want to do whatever I can to help the family get shut down and get rid of this man on the streets,” he said.

“Law enforcement is probably getting millions of leads on this guy, but I’m not one of the Goofball out there who is using drugs in the middle of the night, I’m a very educated professional.

Gabby Petito and boyfriend Brian Laundrie during their crossroads trip.
Gabby Petito and boyfriend Brian Laundrie during their crossroads trip.

“And I know he was a boy. There is no doubt about it.

“We have this lead but no one does anything, not even call.”

Laundrie returned to Florida from a trip across the country without his girlfriend and traveling companion Gabby Petito, 22, on September 1.

Demonstrators gather outside Brian Laundrie's home in North Port, Florida on October 2, 2021.
Demonstrators gather outside Brian Laundrie’s home in North Port, Florida, October 2, 2021.
William Farrington

Petito was officially declared missing August 11 and was later found dead in Wyoming.

Laundrie remains the only person of interest in this case. He went missing on September 14, according to his parents, who only reported themselves to police three days later.

There is a valid warrant for his arrest on charges of using someone else’s bank card at the time of Petito’s disappearance.


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