Bow-and-arrow killing in Norway is seen as an ‘act of terror’

KONGSBERG, Norway (AP) – An archery attack by a man who killed five people in a small town near Norway has proven to be a terrorist attack, by Chinese authorities, a shocking and shocking attack in the violent Scandinavian country. crime is rare.

Police identified the attacker as Espen Andersen Braathen, a 37-year-old Danish national, who was arrested on the street Wednesday night. He said he used a bow and arrow and possibly other weapons to target people in supermarkets and other locations in Kongsberg, a city of about 22,000 people where he lived.

Witnesses said their quiet wooden area and wooden houses were transformed into a place of horrible mourning and chaos.

“The screaming was so intense and horrible there was no doubt that something serious was going on,” said Kurt Einar Voldseth, who had just returned home from work when he heard a commotion. “I can only describe it as a ‘cry of death,’ and it burned in my mind.”

Four women and one man between the ages of 50 and 70 were killed, and three others were injured, police said.

Andersen Braathen is being held on pre-trial detention and will be detained on Friday. Police said they believe he did it alone.

“The whole incident seems to be an act of terror,” said Hans Sverre Sjoevold, head of the Norwegian intelligence intelligence service, known as PST.

“We do not know what causes the sinner,” Sjoevold said in English. “We have to wait for this investigation.”

He said the suspect was known to PPS, but declined to comment. The group said the Norwegian threat did not change to “moderate.”

Regional Police Chief Ole B. Saeverud described the man as a Muslim convert who said there “initially there was concern about the hardened man,” but did not explain or explain why he had been detained earlier or what the authorities had done in response.

Norwegian News reported that the spy was guilty of theft and drug use, and last year a court granted him a protection order to stay away from his parents for six months after threatening to kill one of them.

Svane Mathiassen told NRK radio that the subject will be examined by psychologists, which “is not surprising in such serious cases.”

Police were notified of the man who fired shots at 6:15 pm and arrested him 30 minutes later. District prosecutor Ann Iren Svane Mathiassen told The Associated Press that after his arrest, “he clearly stated his actions. He has confessed to killing five people.”

He said that arrows and arrows were only part of a soldier’s weapon. Police have not yet said what other weapons were used, but Voldseth told the AP that when he ran toward the sound of gunfire, he saw a woman being stabbed by another man with another weapon.

Voldseth said he knew the attacker, saying he lived nearby and “usually walks with his head tilted and headphones.”

“I’ve only spoken to him a few times, but I came to think that he might be a troubled person,” she said.

Massacres are not uncommon in small-scale crime in Norway, and the attack then commemorated the country’s most deadly massacre a decade ago, when a right-wing militant killed seventy-seven people with a bomb, a gun and a pistol.

People have “realized that their safe environment is suddenly a dangerous place,” said King Harald V.

Newly appointed Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere called the attack “terrible.”

“This is not true. But the reality is that five people have been killed, many injured and many are in shock, “Gahr Stoere told NRK.

Many people witnessed this massacre. Erik Benum, who lives on the same street as the store that was attacked, told AP that he saw store employees hiding at the door.

“I saw them hiding in the corner. Then I went to see what was going on, and I saw the police coming in with shields and guns. It was amazing to see, ”said Benum.

Police, along with reinforcements from other cities, entered Kongsberg and closed several roads. The blue lights of the emergency cars with headlights from the helicopter illuminated the area.

On Thursday morning, the entire city was extremely quiet, he said.

“People are sad and shocked,” Benum said.

The flags were lowered to half-staff, and residents placed flowers, candles and wrapped animals around a reminder to perform in the middle.

Mayor Kari Anne Sand described the last 24 hours as a “nightmare.”

“The city was attacked last night and five people were killed. I think many of the residents are in a state of shock that such a thing could happen here. This is a quiet city, quiet cells, ”he said, adding that health and social workers are working to protect those in need.

The main church in Kongsberg was also open to those in need of comfort.

“I don’t think anyone expects to have this kind of experience. But no one can imagine that this could happen here in our town,” Pastor Reidar Aasboe told AP.


Olsen reported from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Lewis from London.


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