Bipartisan group of senators call Blinken to appoint someone to lead the effort to address ‘Havana syndrome’

Legislators – led by Senate foreign affairs chairman Bob Menendez, Republican janitor Jim Risch, and Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen – said they were “very shocked that the stories of these incidents continue to grow.”

“We believe that this threat must be addressed by the State Department, and we continue to be concerned that the State Department is not treating this problem with the highest level of care required,” he wrote.

“Furthermore, while there is still progress, we continue to feel concern that the Department is not speaking out or responding to the injured representatives in this attack,” he wrote. “We are also concerned that the Department is inadequate to intervene in the matter to find the cause of this attack, identify the culprits, and devise a plan to hold them accountable.”

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Blinken Pamela Spratlen after six months on the job.

“Seriously, this position should be a high-profile one that really appeals to you. It is incumbent on this person to have the experience of dealing effectively with the offended people as well as the interagency,” he wrote.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said China hoped the department would be able to name a new chief “in the coming days,” telling reporters at a press conference that “Secretary is interested in Congress’s interest in the matter.”

“It is very much in line with the value to which he is committed to this,” he said, adding that Blinken “does not have a high position in the health and safety as well as the safety of our employees and family members and trustees.”

They said the Department has sent “teams of security engineers and occupational safety experts to conduct an investigation and analysis of the areas reported of these incidents.”

“We have provided additional and upgrading equipment for international inspection sites for engineering work, so that in the event of an AHI report, we can quickly submit the findings,” he said.

Price also said the department has improved the internal systems of the Health Incident Response Task Force, and has seen the Government Department’s plan to take preliminary information about health so that it can be compared if someone is affected by these events.

Reports of US officials suffering from confidential health services have continued to emerge. According to CNN, more than a dozen US officials work at U.S. headquarters. in Colombia with members of his family have reported symptoms related to “Havana syndrome” in recent weeks, according to a US official and a well-known sauce.
The letter commends President Joe Biden for signing the NO Act into law, and urged Blinken to “act swiftly” first.

“Many victims are waiting for the law to be passed in order to receive the necessary financial and medical assistance,” he said. “The President’s signature and the support of both parties from the law send a vague message that all vulnerable people should receive benefits and financial support.

“We owe it to our representatives to work with all their might to try to resolve it,” he said.

This letter was also signed by Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Florida; Ben Cardin, D-Maryland; Chris Coons, D-Delaware; Bill Hagerty, R-Tennessee; Tim Kaine, D-Virginia; Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii; Cory Booker, D-New Jersey; and Mitt Romney, R-Utah.


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