Bill Clinton: Former Director at the hospital due to the virus but ‘there is a solution’

“She was admitted to the ICU for a thorough examination and was given antibacterial drugs for VIV and beverages. Alpesh Amin, chair of medicine at UC Irvine Medical Center, and Drs. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s first doctor. They said Clinton was in the ICU of privacy and security, not because she needed intensive care.

Clinton is in good spirits, talking to family and staff, and has been awake walking, according to all her doctors and staff.

“After two days of treatment, her white blood cells are down and she is responding well to antibiotics,” doctors said. “We hope to take him home as soon as possible.”

Clinton, who was in California at a secret event for her foundation, was feeling tired Tuesday and was admitted to hospital after a test, according to her office.

Former Presidential doctors said the virus is common in adults, and is easily treated, albeit quickly spreading in the bloodstream. Clinton will be given antibiotics until Friday, when she will be able to switch to antibiotics. Her vital measurements were stable, doctors said.

Clinton, 75, underwent three heart surgeries in 2004 and underwent 2 inches to replace a single artery in 2010. But her doctors have confirmed that her hospital stay is not cardiovascular or has anything to do with Covid-19.

Clinton’s spokeswoman Angel Urena said China’s former President is “correcting” and “in good spirits.”

“On Tuesday evening, President Clinton was admitted to UCI Medical Center for treatment of a non-Covid-related infection. She is recovering, in good spirits, and is incredibly grateful to the doctors, nurses, and staff giving her the best possible care,” Urena said.

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