Biden’s age in doubt as He Helps the Progressers in the Medes

That did not, however, stop all party parties from saying that they were the ones who were looking to ensure the smooth running of his plans.

The result was very reversible.

“We are fighting for the Build Back Better program,” said Ms. Omar, using Mr. Biden’s slogan – which would have been shocking at this time two years ago, when they quickly ran against Mr. Sanders.

During 2019 and in the first months of 2020, Mr. Biden was an object of ridicule from the left. He was too old, light-headed and badly fit for a party that was becoming more and more young, diverse and progressive, they said, often mocking him with harsh words.

Mr Biden believed that the liberators were the ones outside the Democratic Center. And he proved himself in the right way by gathering a multiracial coalition that had a life and defeated Mr. Trump more than any other dictatorial political force.

But because his main focus was on ousting Mr. Trump and uniting the country, he had little in the way of solid legal plans. And in making peace with the progressives after he got elected, he accepted a number of their advice.

This allowed the Democrats’ wings to say, with a big smile, that they were just trying to fulfill Mr. Biden’s vision. The question now is whether his efforts to pass all the bills will pay off – whether his move to delay the passage of the building bill will leave him with a long stand, or if at all.

What is certain, however, is that after Mr. Biden’s all-things-for-all-people campaign, he has committed himself to many of the rules that his skeptical critics would doubtfully accept.

“All the developers kept telling me that there was no difference between Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg,” said Representative Brendan Boyle, Biden’s first supporter from Philadelphia. “

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