Biden signs 30-day extension of highway funding into law

President BidenJoe BidenProgressives returns after moderators take aim at Pelosi John Kerry expressing optimism about the future of climate summit Biden’s Red Queen judge: His destruction of all investigations and reputation of border agents signed a 30-day extension of traffic laws by law on Saturday following its dissolution by the Senate, according to a White House statement.

The Senate met again for a brief session to pass it Movement Surface for Extension Act of 2021 after Republicans did not allow the law to be clarified soon Friday following a process in the House in 361-51 vote.

The bill was sent to Biden’s table after Congress failed to approve highway and transportation costs by the end of September.

The transportation department was supposed to hire about 3,700 workers on Friday as the funding was not approved. The furloughs put pressure on all Congress rooms to act quickly and pass a temporary approval before next week.

Congress failed to approve long-term road bills after two pieces of legislation including money had not yet been collected.

This amount had been invested in $ 1.2 trillion, a bipartisan infrastructure package approved by the Senate. The bill was due to be tabled in the House this week, but was delayed after progressive Democrats threatened to pay taxes without a social security bill.

Biden went to Capitol Hill amid tensions between representatives, who would like to see the bipartisan bill pass, and progressives want to see the $ 3.5 trillion “human business” bill implemented. Biden later told moderates that the vote on the $ 1.2 trillion package would not take place on Friday.

On Saturday, House Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiProgressives returns after moderates take aim at Pelosi Trump mocks Schumer about sometimes Ocasio-Cortez opposition Senate Democrats pull down Manchin instability MORE (D-Calif.) Set a new, late-October deadline for the bipartisan package to pass.

“There is a October 31st Surface Transportation Authorization deadline, after last night’s delay for a 30 day extension. “We need to pass BIF well ahead of it – it’s faster to get better, to get jobs out there,” he said. Pelosi he said in a letter on Saturday.


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