Biden refuses to announce good luck over Trump’s papers sought by the January 6 committee

White House journalist Jen Psaki told reporters Friday afternoon that President Joe Biden had refused to give good luck on documents relating to former presidential candidate Donald Trump sought by the January 6 election committee. The power of the judiciary does not fit into the original documents from Trump White House that have been provided by the National Archives. “

“As we said before, this is going to be an ongoing event and this is just the first document,” he said. “And we will examine the questions of privilege on a case-by-case basis, but the President also made it clear that he believes it is very important for Congress and the American people to fully understand the events of that day so that they do not happen again.”

The National Archives has already submitted documents in response to the committee’s request and shared it with Trump’s legal team and the White House, according to a known source. NBC was the first to talk about the White House election.

In a letter to David Ferriero, a U.S. attorney, White House lawyer Dana Remus writes that the decision not to grant a ruling applies to the first part of a document filed by White House lawyers with Trump in September. Remus writes that some documents have been submitted to the National Archives at the White House for review and that no action has been taken to rule on those documents.

Remus wrote in the letter that the request comes amidst a “unique and surprising situation”.

“Congress is investigating an attack on our constitution and civil society organizations outraged by the inspiration of those who have vowed to be protected, and the investigations are underway with specific recommendations regarding the appropriate abolition of the Presidency,” Remus wrote. “The protection of the constitution of the highest right should not be used to prevent, from Congress or the public, information that reflects a clear and obvious attempt to violate the Constitution itself.”

The letter concluded: “We understand that the former President believes that the right of the President should be emphasized in terms of a small portion of Scripture. If you inform us of such a statement, we will respond accordingly.”

The House select committee has begun investigating the investigation on January 6. As part of that, the group has sent requests for information to a number of government agencies, including the National Archives, the custodian of the Trump administration Whitehouse records.

The court requested “all documents and communications within the White House” on the day, including telephone poles, sheds and meetings with senior executives and external consultants, including Rudy Giuliani.

The White House revealed last month that Biden did not expect to give the powers to keep these records out of the committee’s attention.

“We take this matter seriously,” Psaki said during a press conference on September 24. “The president has already concluded that it would not be appropriate to say good luck.”

In August, Mr. Trump threatened to ask for a leadership opportunity in an attempt to block the House-appointed committee from obtaining the required portion of documents from US government agencies, even though his successor has the final say on whether this information can be shared.

This is a case of breach and will be resolved.

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, Maegan Vazquez and Kevin Liptak contributed to this report.


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