Biden Officials End Abortion Prohibition Submitted to Federalally Funded Clinics

WASHINGTON – The leaders of Biden on Monday overturned a debate filed under President Donald J. Trump that barred organizations that provide abortion references from receiving union funding for family planning.

The new law, set to take effect on May 8, deals with the so-called Family X family planning program, created in 1970 and provides assistance in preventing birth, breast and HIV testing as well as protection against millions of people. -patient patients.

“Family planning clinics play an important role in healthcare delivery, and today more than ever, we are making it clear that access to family planning services includes comprehensive information and referrals – based on patient needs,” Xavier Becerra, health and staff secretary, said in a statement.

President Biden recently expressed his desire to overthrow the Trump administration, writing in a memorandum calling for action on women’s health issues that “endanger women’s health and make it difficult for women to access adequate medical care.”

The 2019 law was targeted at abortion donation agencies, including Planned Parenthood, and was particularly important for community-based caregivers during Mr. Trump’s presidency. Laws surrounding Head X have already banned direct federal funding for abortion, but organizations such as Planned Parenthood have relied on Article X funding to support other women’s health services, such as providing birth control and testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The law allowed clinicians who received union funding to provide first aid providers, including those that provide free care, but failed to identify which abortions. It also required a “physical and financial separation” between family planning and abortion sites that provided all of this.

As a result of Trump’s administration, Planned Parenthood, which had earned $ 60 million a year through the X-Plan program, has relied on it rather than emulate it. Prior to 2019, Planned Parenthood health facilities annually employed approximately 40 percent of the four million people who used the Title X program, the organization said Monday.

Alexis McGill Johnson, president and executive director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, called for a new lawgreater patient success, access to sexual and reproductive health, and equal health. ”

“Head X is a critical part of our social security system that can, and should, ensure that low-income people can access basic health care without forcing donors to refrain from referring to all the options available to them,” he said in a statement. Monday. However, Ms. McGill Johnson criticized the nature of the new law, which would allow “people who are criticized and given” to refrain from directing or sending patients to have abortions in the program.

More than two dozen countries have filed lawsuits against Trump’s administration and hopes to overthrow the law, including California, whose suit was led by Becerra, a state attorney at the time.

In the spring of 2019, when the draft law leaked to the courts, the Trump administration announced that it would donate millions in Group X to a non-abortive abortion fund funded by donors to the Catholic Church, the Obria Group. Critics are taking action as a way to pay for medical clinics that offer abortion.

Announcing the law’s reinstatement on Monday, Biden’s manager announced last year’s Family Planning Annual Report, which showed a sharp drop in the number of customers offered by the Plan X program. The report estimated that about two-thirds of the decline in family planning patients between 2018 and 2020 could be attributed to Trump’s policy.

Six states currently do not have Head X services, and the other seven have “limited Title X capabilities,” the health and human resources department said.

Dr. Rachel L. Levine, deputy health secretary, said the new law “allows network X service network to grow in size and to be able to provide family planning services to more customers.” Head X donations often go to government-run clinics and health departments, as well as to healthy hospitals, clinics, and other private nonprofit clinics.

Monday’s change comes as controversy over abortion rights resumed on Capitol Hill, after the Supreme Court approved a Texas law banning multiple abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. With other countries seeking to impose similar sanctions, and the court, currently full of judges, is preparing to take a case that could overturn the 1973 ruling in Rooe v. Wade, Democrats are making this issue the backbone of their plan for next year’s campaign. middle choices.

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