Biden Misused His Power, and Lost His Time

Tthey describe the times that come to mind as Democrats anticipate risks close to what could actually be coup de grace to Joe Biden’s leadership: failing to pass one of the most valued financial “buildings” as the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

The first time was when Biden thought he could be the next FDR or LBJ. The second time was when he announced on stage that he would only sign a bill for bipartisan buildings or a package of social development (“social economy”) and pass a conciliation vote at the same time. The two sides planned to lead the Democrats with disaster as well as undermine their policy.

Let’s start with the FDR / LBJ period underway with Donald Trump’s crushing of two Senate seats in the US. This pushed aside the modest (and popular) permission to “return to normalcy,” and created a test of whether, rarely, the possibility that Biden could be a truly transformative leader. The apparent shift from the transition to a presidential transformation has given rise to that false hope Biden’s leadership can be a vehicle to deliver their dreams more deeply.

Ehezve, Biden and the so-called “leaders” in the Democratic Party have allowed the progressives to roll in this fake world. This leads us to a second term: Biden’s (possibly forced) decision to merge bipartisan infrastructure bill with a larger, more progressive, “human economy” reconciliation bill.

“If this [the bipartisan bill] he is the only one who comes to me, “Biden told a shocked audience who had just reached an agreement,” I will not sign. It is imminent. ” anything.

Instead of allowing the outcome of Georgia’s election and the aspirations of his successors to define his leadership, Biden would have benefited from taking a step back from formulating his plan, and setting expectations. This would have required setting out real goals, yes, it would have disappointed the progress at that time.

Why did he not do this? The fact that Biden won the original 2020 Democratic by survival – not control – on the left probably led him to mistakenly think that it was the model he was headed for. It wasn’t. Surviving the first campaign and using a different ambiguity is different from surviving a four-year political leader starting with a multi-lean.

In many ways, Biden’s reluctance to face the left in his party reflects what Republicans have gone through with the Te Party, the Freedom Caucus, and, finally, the MAGA. Just as the establishment of the GOP could think and decide the rights of those who did not meet or defeat them, political leaders thought that ignoring the crisis would make it go away.

This brings us to our current situation. Democratic moderates and progressives are currently making a chicken game. The Democratic leadership does not have the kind of carrots or sticks that can force or clean up all sides to get back in line. If they can’t convince themselves that retaining Biden’s presidency outweighs the long-term benefits of playing hardball, then the unthinkable can happen: Democrats could end up losing bipartisan to reconciliation legislation, i.e. Biden’s plan will go overboard.

In a chicken game, the hope is that someone will make a mistake. But what if that doesn’t happen? In a statement Thursday night, Biden said “significant progress has been made this week and we are closer to an agreement than ever before.” We will see, but it clearly means that it failed to reach an agreement by the speaker that the bill and his party, with the presidency’s privilege.

Biden seems to have thought that he could reach an agreement between the place and the left of his party, not realizing that other things in life are connected. F. Scott Fitzgerald reportedly, without exception, warned his friend Ernest Hemingway that “a man, torn between two women, will eventually lose both of them.” Or — as Ricky Nelson sang, “You can’t please everyone, so you have to please yourself.” Biden might want to laugh together. Lead to decision making, and decision making to eliminate other options. This comes at a price, including the opportunity to discourage others. Biden, so far, has refused to do so.

Instead, Biden seems to be more concerned with border patrols who are said to be striking immigrants than he is beating all Democrats in a bid to support his rule. Axios reports that Biden will not ask Democrats to keep his agenda. Politico’s Sam Stein reports that progressives do not feel pressured by the White House to fold.

With all due respect, I would advise him to start asking and squeezing. He can also think about religion.


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