Biden management ends the arrest of more people from other workplaces

Officials in Biden on Tuesday warned U.S. immigration officials that they would no longer make arrests of illegal immigrants to work, saying law enforcement should focus on treating hostile employers.

In a memo, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the Homeland Security Department (DHS) should focus on cracking down on illegal activities by “unethical” employers, who he says often pay workers less, put them in unsafe working conditions and lead to human trafficking and child abuse. .

“Our work ethic can make people more comfortable and make the labor market more efficient,” wrote Mayorkas. “What we have done in this area clearly shows that we can increase our efficiency by focusing on unscrupulous employers who exploit the harassment of undocumented workers.”

The announcement is based on the arrest warrants for players under the Trump administration, which re-launched large-scale operation of roundups. In the summer of 2019, Immigration and Culture Strengthening (ICE) carried out the largest-in-the-world entry-level operation carried out in US history, arresting nearly seven hundred undocumented food workers in Mississippi.

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The man is being held in the custody of Koch Foods Inc. in Morton, Mississippi, on Wednesday 7 August 2019.

Rogelio V. Solis / AP

Mayorkas said the masterminds of the arrests “selectively operated” and discouraged fearful foreign workers from cooperating in job investigations.

Tuesday’s incident is also part of the Biden regime’s attempt to reduce the number of people who can be detained and expelled by the INICE. Immigrants have already been ordered to refrain from arresting pregnant women or nurses, serious offenders and undocumented immigrants without serious criminal records.

In his memorandum, Mayorkas instructed DHS officials to refrain from including unregistered names of employees in the administration and to consider granting them a temporary official position. Such actions, Mayorkas said, will encourage them to work with politicians.

Mayorkas also accused the agency of noticing that E-Verify, a state-run airline that allows employers to monitor potential employees, has not been “misused” to replace employees who report harassment at work.

By pointing out employers, Mayorkas said a change in the law could create a better labor market and help businesses that are competing with employers who are employing foreign workers, including paying them less.

The abandonment of most of the workplaces in the sweeping areas was welcomed by foreign diplomats, who criticized the Biden administration for not imposing further restrictions on the detention and expulsion of INICE.

The new law, however, is likely to be criticized by congressional Republicans, who have linked restrictions on the incarceration of immigrants with a sharp increase in immigration sentences on the US-Mexico border.

Under new features, migrants arriving at the US-Mexico border after November 2020 are the most wanted and arrested. Some crossers of the border are being evacuated quickly to Mexico under the Trump Time crisis known as Terrorism 42.


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