Biden, despite showing voter turnout, returns to Virginia for campaign ahead of Election Day

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe held a thin razor blade at the edge of GOP nominee Glenn Younkin with less than a week until Election Day in the state governor, McAuliffe unveiling some of the biggest names in the Democratic Party to help him empower Democrats to vote.

McAuliffe said Tuesday during an education round in Alexandria, Virginia that President Biden would return to the commonwealth, telling reporters “he will be back. You bet he will.”

The McAuliffe campaign did not provide any other information, not even the White House.


“I have no plans to travel. I hope we will have some talk soon about his plans to support the election of former governor McAuliffe,” White House journalist Jen Psaki said on Tuesday.

The last president joined McAuliffe in the run-up to the campaign in late July in the richest constituencies and particularly in the Democratic Virginia constituencies in Washington, DC.

President Biden participates in a joint event with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, at Lubber Run Park in Arlington, Virginia, July 23, 2021. REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein
(Enemies / Evelyn Hockstein)

This was ahead of McAuliffe’s lead over Youngkin, a first-time competitor and former CEO of a major independent company, which began to decline in the middle of Biden’s approval. The drop in presidential numbers has been fueled by criticism of his handling of the exit from the US from Afghanistan, the increase in COVID-19 cases this summer, especially among people who have not been affected by the spread of the delta infestations, and the recent increase in immigrants trying to cross the US.


Virginia’s presidency was again lowered. A recent Fox News poll showed that Virginia was equally divided over Biden’s career as president and, with his favor, Biden won by 10 points in the November presidential election.

McAuliffe, in a recent video conference clip that Republicans watched, acknowledged that “we are facing a lot of winds from Washington, as you know. The leader is not popular today, unfortunately we are here in Virginia, so we have to farm. “

Adding to Biden’s voting problems is the inability to engage with the White House and Democrats of the conference – due to the civil war between the incumbents and the moderate Democrats on Capitol Hill – consensus on party spending, social economy and climate change, as well as the bipartisan infrastructure bill. This forced McAuliffe to criticize his party. The chances that Democrats will come to a consensus and pass all packages before Election Day in Virginia are dwindling.

The former governor continued to insist – at the stage of the debate and in the interrogation – that it was time for the magistrates in Washington “to leave their constituency up there, and it was time for them to move on.”


According to the average voter turnout in this race it shows that McAuliffe – who is running his former career – is holding a little, very little over Youngkin in Virginia, where Republicans have not won a world championship in twelve years. The Cook Report, a nonprofit political leader, three weeks ago changed their position from “lean Democratic” to “throw up.”

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial representative and former Governor Terry McAuliffe, left, and Republican candidate, Glenn Youngkin, are embroiled in controversy at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria, Va., Tuesday, September 28, 2021. (AP Photo / Cliff Owen)

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial representative and former Governor Terry McAuliffe, left, and Republican candidate, Glenn Youngkin, are embroiled in controversy at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria, Va., Tuesday, September 28, 2021. (AP Photo / Cliff Owen)

Virginia and New Jersey are the only two countries to hold governorship elections in a year chosen by the president, pledging that they always listen.

There is a long-standing trend of voting in the commonwealth winning the gubernatorial election of the ruling White House party. McAuliffe broke that tradition in 2013 with his election as governor in the year Obama was elected. McAuliffe was unable to speed up the reelection in 2017 because Virginia governors are banned from working on two straight terms.

In Virginia’s closest contest – a one-time battlefield but still competing for a country seen as the key bearer before the 2022 general election – it has national Democrats on the margins as they secure their biggest in the House of Representatives and Senate in next year’s elections.


Recent polls also show that Republican voters are more motivated than their Democratic counterparts. And McAuliffe is putting in a full court case so Democrats can vote in this first round of voting, or go to the polls on Election Day.

Outside of Biden, McAuliffe’s team also announced Tuesday that former President Obama will protest with former governor of the capital Richmond a week from Saturday, October 23. Even after nearly five years he has been removed from the White House. -term president remains prominent and influential with voters in his party.

“People, I’m happy to announce that President Obama will join me,” McAuliffe wrote on Twitter.

McAuliffe will also compete with First Lady Jill Biden on Friday in Richmond. And she will join the campaign trail this coming week with voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia House Democratic leader who in 2018 made history as the first black woman governor of a major political party.

Veteran Democratic strategist Josh Schwerin, who has rushed talks with McAuliffe’s successful governor in the 2013 campaign, said there was “absolutely no fear” about Biden’s return to Virginia in the campaign. Schwerin said Biden’s “very good” can strengthen the foundation, even with declining voter turnout.

“We are in an election season when this is about getting your people out to vote,” he said.

But Youngkin consultant communications campaigner Devin O’Malley said “it is clear that the announcement on Biden was not included in the description of other Terry fans. All these announcements show that the McAuliffe campaign is scary.”

In contrast, there is no indication that former President Trump, who enabled Youngkin, will come to Virginia to protest with the GOP nominee.

Virginia GOP chief told Fox News that there is no plan in the current affairs of the former president in Virginia, but that “the two teams are working hard to see how the former president can help.”

McAuliffe has often linked Youngkin with Trump, who remains unpopular with most Virginia voters.

McAuliffe always calls Youngkin the “Trump wannabe,” and he never misses a chance at campaign events, interviews and during two controversies between the candidates to arrest Youngkin for Trump.

On Monday, the McAuliffe campaign went up together digital marketing accusing Youngkin of “putting it ahead of Trump’s plan.”

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“All Democrats are in the field. On the flip side, Mr. Trump hid,” Schwerin said. “He’s Youngkin who wants to get his voters out and for whatever reason they’re afraid to bring him to Virginia. It’s a close race where both sides should be throwing all this, Democrats and MIA’s Trump.”

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