Biden Administration to Reduce Covid-19 Travel Agreements to Canada and Mexico Land-Border Crossing

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration hopes to ease sanctions on Covid-19 travel across the border from Canada and Mexico and requires foreigners to take those routes to the US for unnecessary reasons to show evidence of the vaccine starting in November.

The new rules from the Homeland Security Department will overturn Trump’s travel restrictions by 2020, which have caused concern for Canadian and Mexican governments and US border cities, in particular the protection of Covid-19.

For the first time in 20 months, Canadians and Mexicans will be allowed to enter the US to its international borders for purchasing or visiting family and friends as long as they are fully vaccinated. Citizens of Mexico and Canada were generally allowed to enter for important reasons, such as going to school or carrying supplies across the border.

Unrestricted travelers will continue to be barred from coming to the US for free travel.

Officials told reporters Tuesday night that the new rules are designed to bring national boundaries in line with any new security measures that will apply to foreign travelers arriving by plane, also set to begin in November.

In January, the US will increase the country-border protection required for foreign nationals coming to the US for important travel. Steering officials said this extra time would allow for unplanned changes to a new system for truck drivers and others. The officials said the dates for the implementation of the new rules will be announced later.

The ban on the free border does not violate a separate entry law, known as Chapter 42, which the Biden administration has been using to evacuate quickly or return to Mexico any travelers crossing the border illegally, not allowing them to apply for asylum after crossing. .

The authorities also did not allow immigrants to come to the official entry points to apply for asylum, as they could in the face of the Covid-19 disaster. The administration did not immediately answer questions about whether immigrants are allowed to do so.

The border closure has divided the families of the crosses and taken bank money to border cities in the US, many of which rely heavily on Mexico or Canada foot traffic-tax vehicles. US law, however, allowed Mexican and Canadian citizens to board a plane – without even a Covid-19 test before this January.

“We are a huge market for trade and commerce, and we have families and communities that have been separated for a long time,” said Rep. Veronica Escobar (D., Tex.), Representing El Paso, has a downtown location. borders Ciudad Juárez in Mexico.

Ms Escobar said the White House had informed her of an upcoming law that changes Tuesday night. Together with other members of Congress representing parts of the northern and southern border, he has been forcing management to take action for months. “For the White House, security was their No. 1 concern,” he said.

The US began closing its countries with Canada and Mexico in March 2020, a week after imposing travel bans in many parts of Europe. Although U.S. citizens were free to continue coming and going through the port of entry, Canadians and Mexicans were banned unless they came with a valid reason.

The ban was renewed on a monthly basis, as the Canadian and Mexican governments asked the US to lift them. In August, Canada moved unilaterally to reopen its border with the US, allowing American travelers to enter the country.

Biden officials have been waiting to begin reopening the national border phase starting in July, but it has reversed the course and the escalation of the Delta gap. US officials told their Canadian counterparts at a time when they wanted to see the United States virus rise before easing sanctions, according to officials in both countries.

U.S. officials had another reason for keeping the borders closed: the Convention is linked to Article 42, a measure of immigration. Raising the ban but leaving one in place could make it difficult to prevent entry bans, said one official.

One supervisor’s management said Wednesday Law 42 would remain in place and said such rules would still be needed because disability in the community would not be possible in Border Patrol areas, where migrants are first picked up after crossing.

Biden officials said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will provide guidance to foreigners who have received two doses of ecvid-19 injections, a practice common in Canada.

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