Bed Bath & Beyond add fire market

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. two new market leaders have been appointed.

The retailer named Kristi Argyilan as the senior VP, brand new. He joined Bed Bath & Beyond from Target, where he became president of his media company, Roundel, after a previous role as senior VP for media, guest speakers and products.

In its new role, Argyilan will be responsible for driving new markets, including the expansion of Bed Bath & Beyond’s knowledge base, the launch of a new business-wide loyalty program and the development of new partnership systems. partnerships with services to expand the company’s control over its market objectives (home, baby, beauty and wellness.)

In addition, Bed Bath & Beyond named Jim Reath as senior VP, marketing. In the past, Reath has been a senior business owner at Macy’s, and was responsible for information to lead, integrated omnichannel marketing to build rapport and loyalty for the brand to a wide range of customer segments.

At Bed Bath & Beyond, Reath will be responsible for introducing new value propositions for each of the flagship retail stores by 2021. He will oversee marketing, on -street sales and sales. operations for Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuy Baby, and Harmon Health and Beauty Stores, in addition to launching a batch of new such brands starting in the spring.

“Our portfolio of brands is uniquely positioned to serve customers during the magical moments in their lives, and we will deepen our network by creating a customer-inspired approach to building on our owner in the home, baby, beauty and quality Wellness market, ”Cindy Davis, Bed Bath & Beyond’s best office style and president of decor.

Bed Bath & Beyond also announced the appointment of three major marketing and collaborative brands as it continues to strengthen its creative team. The company has appointed MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER as the technical leader for Bed Bath & Beyond, and M Booth as the records office for organizations and PR clients. The agencies will be responsible for introducing the company’s new consumer value plans. Our Social has also been appointed as a leader in social media for BuyBuy Baby.

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