Barry Washington Jr: Oregon man accused of shooting a man who spoke to his girlfriend

The high court this week has charged Ian Mackenzie Cranston, a 27-year-old White man, on six counts related to last month’s shooting of Barry Washington Jr. 22-year-old Black man, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel was announced in a news conference with China following Cranston’s arrest.

These charges include second-degree homicide, first-degree homicide, second-degree homicide, first-degree assault and two counts of illegal use of a weapon.

Cranston appeared in court Friday and is being held in the Deschutes County Jail without bond. He did not enter the request.

In a statement to CNN on Saturday, Cranston’s lawyer Kevin Sali said, “There is incontrovertible video evidence that before Ian Cranston took his weapon, Barry Washington attacked him without provoking him, causing a head injury that required police to take Cranston to a hospital for brain surgery.” in other ways. “

According to CNN’s KTVZ affiliate, Hummel once said that, before the shooting, Washington had praised Cranston’s girlfriend, but that there was no “fault that anything Washington did was wrong.”

“He praised her in a respectful way,” Hummel told KTVZ. “She was fine back. She said,” No, thank you. I am happy but in a relationship. “

However, Cranston was “not happy,” Hummel said. “They have spoken some words to Mr. Washington. Mr. Washington has spoken some words in return,” Hummel said. “There was another push, another hit, some punches thrown, but it calmed down. It wouldn’t get out of hand. Then Mr. Cranston pulled out a gun from his waist and shot and killed Mr. Washington.”

Although Cranston is White and Washington is Black, Hummel did not find any charges against him, he said, telling reporters he felt the prosecutors did not have enough evidence to make the case at this time. However, the matter is still under investigation.

“If we get enough evidence to show that the shooting was already sanctioned by the nation, we will go back to this high court and ask them to increase the debt,” he said.

“It is believed that the first interaction between Barry and Mr. Cranston began when Barry praised Mr. Cranston’s girlfriend,” Hummel said. “Our country has a disgraceful history of contempt, condemnation and murder of black men for talking to white women. Last week, hundreds of people called and sent letters to remind me of this history.”

Cranston’s lawyer was puzzled by Hummel’s remarks at a press conference, saying in his statement, “After the evidence is out in court, I hope someone will ask the district attorney why he deliberately burned the community’s claims he knew were not supported by other evidence.”

Following the announcement of the charges, Washington’s mother, Lawanda Roberson, posted on Facebook, “This is very serious,” and that they had not even begun to cry.

“There is a lot of legal issues … all this trying to keep my child,” she said.


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