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Your customer base Your website may be found through ads, searches, word of mouth or unsolicited lines such as direct mail or events, but when it does, 99% of them usually crawl your main page and suddenly.

The fastest -growing companies show each visitor what is most relevant to quickly identify them as a good fit and it’s worth researching further.

While there are hundreds of ways to customize and optimize your website, knowing what to focus on, and when, can be difficult when you’re looking for maximum impact. After years of experience with website design, we have accumulated expected, yet effective and compelling techniques from some of the fastest growing companies.

If you implement all 10 of these techniques properly, we’re sure they’ll help you grow faster and look, really smarter while doing it.

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Promote the right thing to the right people

You spend a lot of time building things for your customers, but they often have a hard time finding the content that suits them. Consider adding a custom banner that spreads out the right edge of things to the right visitor.

Banners are a great way to capture the attention of storytellers during the situation analysis. And white paper flags or links and report details are quite quick and easy to implement.

While creating your subject banner, keep the copy in the banner short and clear – a short, clear sentence that draws interest. Your CTA should be strong and dynamic and tell the visitor what they will find.

example of a specific landing page

Image Description: Ryan Narod

Invite opportunities to an event with their friends

Building a set bar focused on solving common challenges was a powerful tactical activity we used. We have also seen it being used by companies like Segment.

Create a special invitation to an event about your goal set standards or use standards. The group has to ride a pageant for a recurring activity such as a weekly webinar or a large tentpole activity.

Kyriba received 2.2% click-through rates with this trick. For a typical B2B website with traffic of ~ 50,000 visitors per month, that’s a total of 1,100 activity targets with just an hour of effort. Image Description: Ryan Narod

Make your competitors happy

We’re going to go out and about and guess whatever business you’re in, you really have to carefully consider the actions your competitor is doing. Here’s another silly idea: The same is true for your goal setting.

Use this important tool to create personalized banners to move through a survey that reveals important information about how your competitor is using your product. While the implementation of this may be straightforward, it will still take some work to build the case study competition for direct storytelling focus.

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