Apple is asking the court to suspend the order to open the app store

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While Apple reported the outcome of its dispute with Epic Games as a “A clear victory” it wasn’t a complete one. The federal judge in the case ordered Apple to allow developers to link to third-party payment portals in the App Store until December 9th, a deadline that the company has apparently wanted to postpone for a long time.

Apple filed on Friday Notice of objection at the US District Court for the Northern District of California, try a. overturn Decision of September 10th that has largely voted in his favor in everything except the judgment in the App Store. Until the appeals are resolved, the company too asked for a stay, or suspension, the injunction ordered by Federal Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, which requires the link to external payment systems. rival Epic had previously appealed the verdict 12th September.

If the court approves the suspension, alternative payment options on the App Store could be delayed by years while companies argue in court. Allow developers to link to Third-party payment portals – via “buttons, external links or other calls to action” – would enable them to avoid forking 15% and 30% of their earnings to Apple, a commission that is colloquially known as “Apple Tax.”

Given that Apple never wanted to add alternative payment options to the App Store in the first place, a requirement that would impact the bottom line, Friday’s legal action is yet another attempt at enforcement.

Apple argued in its suspension motion that enforcing the legal requirement in the App Store would harm both the company and its customers.

“[P]susceptible Implementing this aspect of the injunction would upset the careful balance between developers and customers through the App Store and would cause irreparable harm to both Apple and consumers, ”said Apple. “The requested suspension will allow Apple to keep consumers safe and secure its platform as the company addresses the complex and rapidly evolving legal, technological and economic issues that any revision of this policy would create.”

As far as Epic goes, Apple claims that the developer would not be affected by the requested stay as it blocked from the App Store anyway until all litigation is resolved.

In typical Epic fashion, CEO Tim Sweeney commented on Apple’s appeal by sharing a picture of. tweeted Fourteen days Character Peely the banana in his “Agent Peely” attire, a reference to Apple’s decision to show off a tuxedo.Peely disguised himself in court for reasons of decency.

“Apple has submitted a peeling” Sweeney wrote.

Sweeney then criticized Apple’s claim that “links and buttons to alternative payment mechanisms” are risky “because the company cannot guarantee that the third-party platform is secure.

“Seriously, boys’ buttons are really dangerous, as Apple explains. Some buttons are big and red. Some buttons launch nuclear missiles. Allowing software to contain buttons could potentially cause iPhones to explode and kill you, or worse, void your warranty. ” he added.


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