AOC drops evidence of GOP who tried to prevent Texas’ six weeks of abortion.

In China, the House Oversight Committee turned a deaf ear to SB 8, a Texas law that prohibits abortion after six weeks and severely overturned prevention. Roe v. Wade in the circuit.

The Republican Party has refrained from discussing the outcome of the ban, which has nothing to do with rape or incest, apparently because they see themselves as politically lost. But at a Chinese hearing, members of the Republican House called a law-abiding witness, Dr. Ingrid Skop, a Texas-based member of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Speaking in support of the law means defending the claims of forcing other survivors of rape and incest to carry children before they arrive. According to court officials, the official position of Republican presidents from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump was to seek a ban on abortion. out in the case of relationships, rape, and the dangers to the mother’s life. That, however, is not SB 8.

You might think that as a Republican witness, Skop would argue with Texas’ forcing survivors to carry the fetus to the end, or stop avoiding discussing this question as many lawmakers try to do. Instead, Skop repeated that Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s remarkable position that six weeks — or when most women may have only known they were pregnant — was enough time for a rape survivor to have an abortion. No one in the auditorium was offended by this statement except Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who tore up Skop’s disgraceful position until the best time for all hearing.

First, it is important to have an exchange idea that led to Skop’s response. In particular, under strong inquiries from Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, Skop would not comment on whether he would like his daughter to have an abortion after six weeks in a shocking case of rape.

The exchange came in as follows:

Raja Krishnamoorthi: Now my wife and I have a daughter, Dr. Skop, and one of our biggest fears in life is that he might get raped or raped. Now I understand that you have a daughter, don’t you?

Ingrid Skop: I have a daughter.

Krishnamoorthi: If, God forbid, your daughter has been raped, do you believe that your daughter should be forced to carry a fetus up to a month?

Kick: In this case – and I just want to point out in the article that the stories I heard from women today of their abortion really bother me. I feel for every woman who has ever been in a horrible situation and had to make a horrible decision. I am working in a country where women should never have to deal with this, but I would say if people are raped they know they have been raped and a woman can find out if she is pregnant –

Krishnamoorthi: I’m just asking you a silly question, Dr. Skop, in that case even after the appearance of a heart attack, under SB 8, when your daughter was raped, would you believe that she should be forced to carry the baby for as long as she wants SB 8?

Kick: SB 8 gives enough time to a woman who knows she has been raped to find out she is pregnant.

You can watch the full change video here:

After Skop’s evasion on the actual question, Krishnamoorthi asked if there was a chance of rape and incest in Texas law if not and Abbott recently said he would oppose such a change to the law. Skop was very clear in his response, adding to his position that two weeks after the missed period is the perfect time for a rape victim to have an abortion. Here is the change:

Krishnamoorthi: You don’t want to answer the question, you’re avoiding it and this deception shows people like you with an idea of ​​how to treat your own daughter, but forcing other girls, sisters, and women in Texas to go through a completely different experience. In 2019, the Texas Department of Homeland Security reported more than 14,000 rape cases in the state of Texas, and many experts believe it is unfortunate that the actual number of rapes exceeds the number of rapes. Now, aunts, do you believe that after a heart attack, there should be a difference between rape and incest?

Kick: I think there is enough time in this law for a woman who has been raped to find out she is pregnant, and if she wants to have an abortion, I think she has time to do it.

Again, this has been one of the most shocking things about the SB 8 provided by law often the silence of the Republican delegates and here it was heard on a national level in the House of Representatives. Ocasio-Cortez was, to put it mildly, unhappy. The New York congresswoman explained in detail – and using her life as an example – why Skop’s statement was unscientific, unethical, and harmful to survivors of sexual assault.

Here is the complete answer:

I want to justify and quote a statement made not too long ago, this idea, this assumption that, first of all, that this rule SB 8 provides ample time for the victim to seek abortion assistance. Because once again we are in the room of lawmakers who are trying to establish the reproductive systems they know about. Six weeks pregnant – and it is a shame that this education should happen, because this discussion should not be legalized – six weeks pregnant is delayed two weeks a month. When you are rape, you don’t always know what happened to you. And I talk about this as a survivor. You are in for a big surprise.

And by the way, people who are abused and abused and who survive sexual abuse are severely beaten by someone they know. And the myth that someone is lying in the street or in a parking lot waiting to be raped, that myth only helps bullies in power who want you to think that’s what happens. He is your friend, your boyfriend, your boss, the lawmaker. You are in so much panic that what happened to you, sometimes it takes years to see what really happened. So is this the idea that victims know in two weeks that they can delay their menstrual cycle? I am a buck-15. I have 115 pounds, you look at me funny, I am two weeks late for my month. And are you expecting me to know I’m pregnant? Or the trauma of sexual harassment. It makes you two weeks late for your period, whether you are pregnant or not.

It’s unbelievable. It is unbelievable that the Republican side called the witness disrespectful and harmful to the survivors in this country. Honesty. [Y]our communities [deserve] to apologize.

And here is Ocasio-Cortez’s full answer:

Republican representatives on the committee used a lot of sensitivity to try to promote Skop by criticizing the question of Krishnamoorthi and Ocasio-Cortez to clarify true statements as a civil war. Unfortunately, no one dares to try to repeat and confirm Skop’s claim that six weeks is the right time for a survivor of sexual assault to prove that she is pregnant and has an abortion. While Skop has been in the habit of trying to defend the law with its legitimacy, again, parliamentarians seem to be aware of how shameful and harmful SB 8 is in practice and that it is better to avoid fixing the very elements of the law that support the contradictions that undermine rebel attacks.

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