Anthony Fauci clarifies the Christmas expression, saying he will be spending the day with his family

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday sought to clarify what he said over the weekend that it was “too soon” for families to consider gathering together to celebrate Christmas.

Appearing on CNN, Fauci said said made on CBS “Face the World” completely stripped of status, “and that he never said that people could not spend Christmas with their families.

“It’s quick to say,” Fauci told CBS supporter Margaret Brennan on Sunday when she asked if people could gather. “We need to focus on continuing to take these numbers down and not try to jump ahead with weeks or months and say what we will do at another time.”


Fauci, who has been widely criticized for her comments, told Kate Bolduan of CNN that people, especially those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, can plan to have a beautiful, common Christmas with their families.

“I also mentioned something over the weekend that was completely removed from the sentence. I was asked what we can imagine about this winter, like December and Christmas,” Fauci said. “I said we don’t know because we’ve seen deep slopes and then come back up.”

He said the best way to ensure that the country is in good shape to go to winter is to get more people vaccinated, and that it is “not really” to prevent people from spending Christmas with their families.


“I will be spending Christmas with my family. I encourage people, especially people who have been vaccinated, protected, to have a good, common Christmas with your family,” Fauci said. “All sorts of misinformation goes around, you say something about the timeline, and it is misinterpreted that I say you can’t spend Christmas time with the family, which is pointless. You can.”

Bolduan tried to make it clear that Fauci actually meant that it was difficult to predict the situation things two months from any given day in the middle of an illness.

“That’s right, Kate, my conclusion in answering the question that was asked of me. Exactly as you said. I was asked to predict what the plague would be like when we arrived in December. My answer was, that depends on us,” Fauci said.

“It’s hard to predict, but the one thing we have the power to do is to see that there are fewer and fewer cases, and the slowdown is continuing to decline, and the way we can do that.” is to get more people vaccinated, “he said.” That’s what I was talking about. Not that you will never be able to spend Christmas with your family. I am sure. Is true.”

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a revised plan Monday that dictated the safest way to celebrate the upcoming holiday with friends and family who may be nearby or out.

“Attending gatherings to celebrate events and holidays increases your chances of earning and distributing COVID-19,” it said. “The safest way to celebrate is likely to be, with people living with you, or out and about 6 meters from each other.”

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