Andrew Yang is ‘breaking up’ with the Democratic Party and has become independent

“I have changed my voter registration from ‘Democrat’ to ‘Independence’ today. It was an amazing event at heart,” Yang wrote in a post posted on his blog, adding that he believes he can reach more people than two-party positions. “effectively,” he added, “Breaking up the party with the Democratic Party feels like a real thing to do because I believe I can make a lot of mistakes this way.”

A former businessman wrote that he had been a Democrat all his adult life and was registered as such in 1995 at the age of 20. He also thought about the times of being a Democrat, including during the mayoral and presidential elections.

Yang, 46, wrote that there was a “misunderstanding” between him and the party, saying that he was not “very thoughtful” but “working” and that he was arguing with the party “over saying what I would often see as an assumption – that’s sometimes uncomfortable for me.” now that she is independent, she can “become more honest with the system and the people in it.”

“I’ve seen politicians face each other and then form alliances or alliances back a few minutes later. A lot of games,” Yang said. “Maybe it’s the nature of my upbringing, but I’m really comfortable trying to fix that system instead of being part of it.”

Yang wrote about the political opposition in an op-ed released by CNN on Sunday and said America was “deeply oppressed.” He suggested that the only way to combat polarization was to adopt a more open alliance, such as Alaska.

“Most politicians seem to be playing to their bases rather than trying to persuade in the middle,” he wrote. “The best way to control polarization is to implement the recommendations of our leaders, so that they can be independent rather than trying to win the support of hyperpartisan voters.”


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