American, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue Add COVID Vaccine Mandates for Employees

American Airlines, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines have joined United Airlines and require employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Why it matters: The Biden government has urged companies to require workers to be vaccinated against the virus as vaccination rates flatten in the US

  • The airlines provide government services, including cargo transportation and specialty flights, which they claim make them government contractors and fall under President Biden’s mandatory vaccination policy, AP reports.

The big picture: American Airlines announced on Friday that all US-based employees and “certain international crew members” were per a. would have to be vaccinated Memo received from Reuters.

  • The American memo did not provide a timeline. But JetBlue Airways and Alaska Airlines said Friday they would implement a vaccine mandate as early as Dec. 8, notes AP. That is the deadline that the White House has set for vaccinating federal entrepreneurs, with a few exceptions.
  • Delta said it will “still evaluate Biden’s order,” according to AP.


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