Amazon sent us a 13-page PDF to prove that Elon Musk is as litigation as Jeff Bezos

On Tuesday, Elon Musk accused Jeff Bezos and his companies of using the legal system to slow the progress of SpaceX during a presentation at the 2021 Code Conference. Just a few hours later, Amazon – working on a rival satellite-based internet project – The edge an unsolicited 13-page list of lawsuits, government filings, and other legal actions SpaceX has taken over the years.

“Attached is a list of some cases in which SpaceX has sued the US government on procurement issues and protested various government decisions,” a spokesman for Amazon’s satellite division, Project Kuiper, wrote in the email. “It is difficult to reconcile your own historical records with your recent position on others filing similar claims.”

The list – which was published below as Amazon insisted it was made available on file – actually includes a number of lawsuits filed by SpaceX, including some dating back to 2004, when Musk was literally trying to do that To get the startup off the ground. However, it also includes procedural measures, such as times when SpaceX issued opinions on how the government should allocate certain frequency bands for satellite communications – an advocacy that grew when SpaceX began building its Starlink satellite network.

A total of 39 lawsuits are documented in the list, which are divided into three categories: litigation, protests at the Government Accountability Office and appeals filed with the FCC. Amazon has made notes for every action, expanding the table to 13 pages.

Moments after this story was published, Musk tweeted In response to Amazon’s statement that “SpaceX was sued for * being * approved *, BO [Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin] is being sued to stop the competition. “

The list provides a glimpse of how closely Bezos’ company is tracking and reviewing SpaceX’s actions as it seeks to compete in the emerging satellite internet marketplace. It’s not the only list Amazon has put together, either. Earlier this month, in a filing with the FCC, the company identified a number of cases it believes Musk and SpaceX violated or have violated government rules:

“Are you trying to keep a Musk-run company by flight rules? They are ‘fundamentally broken,’ “wrote Amazon on its file, referring to the time Musk complained that the regulatory structure of the Federal Aviation Administration was slowing the operation of SpaceX. “Are you trying to get a Musk-run company to adhere to health and safety regulations? They are ‘unselected and ignorant’ ”she added, referring to Musk’s Beef with Officials who tried to keep factories closed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Somewhat surprisingly, Amazon offered this unsolicited response, as Musk’s comments at Tuesday’s Code Conference specifically referred to Bezos’ space company Blue Origin, which prevented NASA from awarding a lunar lander contract to SpaceX. “You can’t sue your way to the moon no matter how good your lawyers are,” he said.

Of course, Musk recently criticized Amazon for taking legal action in the satellite internet space. In August, Musk slandered Bezos for stepping down from his CEO role at Amazon “to pursue a full-time position to file lawsuits against SpaceX” after Amazon protested an expansion of Starlink.

SpaceX and Blue Origin did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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Update September 29, 4:13 p.m. ET: Added tweet from Musk in response to Amazon’s testimony.

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