AM Awards 2021 winner: Best Marketing Planner, TrustFord

TrustFord’s marketing team has been awarded the AM Awards 2021’s Best Marketing Strategy Award in recognition of the broad range of its customers.

Read on for more information from the group’s winning streak:

TrustFord offers its customers the option to save traffic on the website, purchase remotely, visit the website, or make a road trip.

Customers can also connect with TrustFord using video, Click and Download technology, or take their car to their home or workplace.

TrustFord’s ‘Fast, Easy and Transparent’ ‘travel website’ and its TrustFord This model has been expanded.

‘Website optimization’ includes what it describes as “enthusiastic in -house maintenance”, a new content management system (CMS) and questionable search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Increases in TrustFord Now continue and include: TrustFord Now – shopping carts within an hour; Select Now – save a selected drive online; Bring it to me now – the car is delivered to a selected home buyer or property within 24 hours; Current Services – service a vehicle within an hour; Now Phone Service – go to the customer and service their car; and Smart Solutions Now – on the website or visit to repair.

TrustFord puts customer and data at the center of its marketing efforts and is moving forward to make it easier to find and sell its services or products.

The sales team also reaches out to customers for customer feedback through research or on websites.

TrustFord has developed a new software for distributing its online and in -store lines on a sales pitch, allowing users to create a ‘travel website’ around and in a drive.

It also works with Captify for visual effects; Hosted a video show promoting its ‘Full Pay’ video association, planning to promote the TrustFord, Ford electric and hybrid vehicles and the launch of the Mach-E.

Market results at TrustFord are strong: add-ons have grown to 3.7% compared to 3.2% in 2020, its website conversion-to-research is 11.8%, and AM100 is an online advertising business customer. market grew by 12.2%.

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