Alex Murdaugh was arrested over housekeeping by Gloria Satterfield

Embarrassed South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh has been arrested in Florida China and China in connection with insurance coverage obtained after the tragic death of 2018 homeowner Gloria Satterfield.

When he was released from a drug rehabilitation center in Orlando, Murdaugh was detained by representatives of the South Carolina Law Enforcing Division (SLED) and the Florida Law department. He is charged with two counts of embezzlement and fraud.


The allegations stem from SLED’s investigation into the alleged money laundering in the death of Gloria Satterfield. Murdaugh has been transferred to Orange County Corrections, where he will be held until he receives a hearing. When restitution is granted or waived, he will be returned to South Carolina to receive the bond, SLED said in a statement given to Fox News Digital.

Alex Murdaugh appears in a recent shooting following his arrest in Orlando, Florida on charges related to insurance coverage obtained following the death of homeowner Gloria Satterfield in 2018.
(Orange County Resolution)

“Today is just one step in the process of justice for the many victims in this investigation. I would like to commend the hard work and dedication shown by our representatives over the past four months,” said SEL chief Mark Keel in a statement. As I have said before, we are committed to following the truth wherever it leads us and we will not stop until justice is done. “

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The case will be heard by the Office of the South Carolina Attorney General.

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