Alex Murdaugh Landlord Gloria Satterfield’s Estate Arrives To Stay With Former Attorney Cory Fleming

The law firm representing the position of longtime caretaker Alex Murdaugh, a South Carolina attorney who is in the midst of a shocking and twisting case that would make HBO spit (and have), has announced that it has settled with more the lawyer represented him. Company representative Bland Richter, LLP, stated in a statement that the house was occupied by attorney Cory Fleming, his company, and his insurance company. Fleming “agreed that the State will be reimbursed for all legal fees and expenses incurred by Mr. Fleming and his attorney general who received from $ 4,300,000 from the House in accordance with Alex Murdaugh’s statement on the death of Gloria Satterfield.”

The sons of Gloria Satterfield, who died at 57 in 2018 after a “trip and crash” at Murdaugh’s home, were accused in September of Murdaugh’s request that a South Carolina sauce had told them she was responsible for their mother’s death. Murdaugh told them that he would take them to a lawyer to have legal proceedings, and he introduced them to Fleming. In 2019, a lawyer, a roommate at Murdaugh College and his late son Paul Godfather, donated $ 4.3 million – which the Sterfield children say have never seen a deal. On September 15, 2021, Bland filed a lawsuit against the site for violating fiduciary employment and public order.

However it played behind the scenes, “Mr.” “Mr. Fleming and his law firm are the ones who – like others – have been deceived by Alex Murdaugh. ”


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