Alex Murdaugh, a former SC Democrat financier, knew how to ‘play the game of politics’ in red: GOP adviser

A former prominent Democrat in South Carolina in the Lowcountry region, Alex Murdaugh and members of his family have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations over the years. The current embarrassing website and website ran low, as donations went to anyone from competing in local government elections to Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton’s former presidential constituencies.

Murdaugh “knew how to play a political game,” Michael Mule, a GOP political consultant based in Charleston, told Fox News Digital, noting that Murdaugh had given too much to Democratic candidates, including the former US Ambassador. Joe Cunningham, but also to many Republicans in the old red world.

It is alleged that a prominent lawyer “painted a picture of this man who really thought he could do anything and run away with anything,” Mule said, describing the behavior of locals in Hampton – with a population of about 2,500 – and surrounding areas. they want justice for that growing list of suspected victims, whose names include Gloria Satterfield, Mallory Beach, Connor Cook and Stephen Smith.


“Murdaugh donated money to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Joe Cunningham, among other Democrats,” Mule told Fox News Digital. “But he also gave it to the Republicans in our red state. The boy knew how to play a political game here. In a very political way, money means power.”

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars associated with Alex Murdaugh in political donations show he is no different. His power, especially in Lowercountry, was unparalleled,” Mule continued. “Donations from the community as an office as you can get to the top of the ticket. The amount between him, his wife, his father, his brother, the law firm, is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Fox News Digital has confirmed those claims through the Federal Election Commission, as well as the South Carolina State Ethics Commission for publishing websites. FEC records show that Alex Murdaugh made $ 270 million to Biden to the President in April 2020, as well as a $ 2,700 donation to Hillary For America in June 2015. At the state level, SEC records show up to $ 140 million in donations at Alex Murdaugh, his wife, brother, father and law firm over the past decade in the State House and Senate, the mayor of Charleston, and the Clerk of the district court and the Competition Council.

“Opinions from the people in the area are still a number of families complaining to Lowercountry for answers,” Mule said. “They want justice. It is my hope that one day these families will find this. The answers to their questions and, frankly, justice for their loved ones.”

Alex Murdaugh resides at his hearing of the treaty Thursday, September 16, 2021, in Varnville, South Carolina.
(AP Photo / Mic Smith)

Mule, who recently worked as a public health specialist at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the South Carolina District Office, said he could not say which case was opened by state prosecutors affiliated with Alex Murdaugh or members of his family. As president of UpT Strategies, a Republican political firm based in Charleston, Mule has agreed to speak to Fox News Digital more about the politics of Murdaugh in the Lowercountry region.

“South Carolina is a place where through some affiliation or one you really know about everyone. Especially in Lowcountry, the hometown feels. The degrees of separation are very low,” he said. “Everyone has a connection to each other. And that’s why again, it’s important to share the feelings of what people are saying here.”

On the eve of Stephen’s 25th birthday, his mother, Sandy Smith, announced Wednesday to local media that she had found her grave in Gooding Cemetery. Rumors and speculation circulated his death on July 8, 2015, when the 19-year-old body was found on Sandy Run Road in Hampton County with deep smoke in his head.


It was not until this June that the South Carolina State Enforcing Division (SLED) opened an investigation into Smith’s death “based on information gathered during the murder investigation. [son and wife] Paul and Maggie Murdaugh. “The organization has not disclosed the relationship. No one has been identified.

“She loved the beach. So we’ll act like a beach party and then have a picture of her there,” said Sandy, describing the design she shows for her son’s headstone. Give a fresh idea to this story, he said a stranger caught up with him after seeing Smith’s grave had only a stupid marker and started a fundraiser through Steedley Monument Works.

“I was so happy. I couldn’t even cry for hours. I was scared,” Sandy told WCIV about hearing about the SLED program years after the death of their son. “I know Stephen. He wouldn’t have been that way. He would have had his phone on him. He would have called.”

Meanwhile, the Murdaugh family reportedly did not pay for the funeral of Gloria Satterfield, a 57-year-old housekeeper and nanny who worked in their home for 20 years. He died in hospital on February 26, 2018 – weeks after he was presumed to have suffered a head injury from a fall and fell on a dog and down a steps at a Murdaughs home in Colleton County.

The Satterfield boys have asked a judge in a new case on Monday for Murdaugh to be formally detained until they allegedly stole millions of dollars from them following the death of their mother. Murdaugh and others are said to have received $ 55,000 and $ 4,400,000 in insurance, and although there is a right to receive $ 2,800, the sons of Satterfield did not see any deal, as a file.

A file released last week describes Alex Murdaugh’s actions that forced Connor Cook to remain silent following the February 2019 shipwreck that killed 19-year-old Mallory Beach in Beaufort County. A senior Paul Murdaugh is said to have been very drunk and on the back of the leg when he hit a boat in the bridge, sending several passengers into the water. But Alex later launched a “whisper” program in the area, spreading rumors that Cook, who suffered a broken jaw and other injuries after an accident, was the driver, the file said.

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Murdaugh was released on bail earlier this month, and was allowed to return to a state-of-the-art rehab treatment for decades of alleged epioid addiction. In another case, he is accused of fraudulent insurance, conspiracy to commit fraud, and falsifying police after he accused himself of committing suicide so that his surviving 26-year-old son, Buster Murdaugh, could take 10 million lives. insurance. The alleged shooting of September 4 came just days after Hampton-based law firm PMPED demanded the resignation of Alex Murdaugh, claiming he had spent as much as $ 1 million from his grandfather’s practice.

Murdaugh told lawmakers that he paid Curtis “Eddie” Smith, his former legal client and suspected drug dealer, to shoot him on a rural street, but Smith is said to be lost, just cutting his head off. Smith’s attorney, Jarrett Bouchette, recently told The State, a newspaper based in Columbia, South Carolina, that his client was used as a “drop” person and was unaware of Murdaugh’s plan.

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