Ai Media Group CEO Sergio Alvarez discusses why your strategic plan can be more effective than you think

NEW YORK–(WIRE FAI NEI) – Sergio Alvarez is a performance marketing executive, number one value proposition, and CEO and Founder of Ai Media Group. Sergio recently spoke about the best models and innovations in the online market.

“As Marketers struggle to understand the value of their efforts and face increasing pressure from the C-Suite to deliver a better recovery of advertising spend, understanding the customer journey and metrics is critical to developing a successful experimental endeavor. ”

Sergio’s article on reveals why silly marketing may be risky, but why the big picture is important. He stressed the need to focus on changing your measurement, not your plan. In doing so, markets place themselves in a far more remote place to make informed choices about budget, spend and focus.

About Ai Media Group:

Founded in 2008, Ai Media Group is a technology engine, implementing optional digital drives with industry-leading capabilities to drive customers and leaders. Ai Media Group has a history of increasing revenue on advertising through the use of its state -of -the -art technology assets and professional advertising. May help buyers with a wide range of insights understand, in real time, the detailed details of the customer travel experience, from the first online display all the way to the final purchase.

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