Afghanistan: US envoys will meet Taliban diplomats in Doha

“This meeting is a continuation of the partnership with the Taliban on key US issues,” the official told CNN.

The meeting comes as the US government continues to try to deport U.S. citizens and permanent residents and Afghan civilians out of the country six weeks after the rush and violence of the U.S. military withdrawal. and the outbreak is over, and it has been seen about the ability to prevent the return of terrorist groups in Afghanistan.
The head of the Department of State said “the safe continuation of the exit from Afghanistan to the US and other foreigners and Afghans who have a special bond with those seeking to leave the country” is another important issue in the conference, which was first mentioned by Reuters.
A spokesman for the State Department, Ned Price, said at a news conference on Thursday that the agency was talking to “more Americans in Afghanistan want to leave,” but added that it was difficult to put a definite number in the US population. He said the US government had significantly facilitated the deportation of 159 U.S. citizens to Afghanistan since August 31, when all US troops and personnel had left the country.

At the Doha summit, the US will also prioritize “catching the Taliban’s commitment not to allow terrorists to use Afghan soil to threaten the security of the United States or its allies,” the official said.

CIA Deputy Chief of Staff David Cohen will be part of the US delegation, according to a well-known article, highlighting US hopes in the fight against terrorism.

Afghanistan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tom West will be the new US Secretary of State, said the head of the US Department of State, who said the group included representatives from the US Agency for International Development and others. Well-known sources say that USAID chief Sarah Charles was expected to be one of the delegates.

Afghanistan’s special envoy for reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad, who violated a March 2020 agreement with the Taliban that was violated by Biden’s top officials, will not attend.
According to the head of the Department of State, the US also wants to push the Taliban “to respect the rights of all Afghan people, including women and girls, and to form an integrated government with full support.”

“As Afghanistan faces the prospect of a severe economic downturn and a crisis of humanity, we will also force the Taliban to allow aid agencies to enter the open areas in need,” the official said.

As the Taliban gained control of the country, they were accused of human rights abuses, including the brutal killing of 16 Shia Hazaras. Afghan health is lost and there is a severe shortage of food.

The official told CNN that the meeting with Taliban officials “is not about giving recognition or giving permission.”

“We remain clear that any truth must be gained through the actions of the Taliban,” he said.

CNN’s Alex Marquardt provided for this report.


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