Adapting Marketing Strategies for Staying Successful

Visit the Thousand Oaks. Photo courtesy of Decron Properties

Decron Properties has a long history in real estate, with the company’s origins dating back to the 1950s. From the development of single-family families, the company has progressed and made changes to a number of asset classes — including multifamily — while remaining a strong focus on the creative value.

Decron is not only involved in the development process but also specializes in asset restructuring, as well as acquisition and management. And the integration of street marketing is bringing together a wide range of marketing segments, Jerry Perezchica, director of marketing at Decron, said Big-House News.

In the discussion below, Perezchica discusses the importance of effectively applying marketing methods in the organization’s operations and shares key principles and key approaches for managing challenges.

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When it comes to successful marketing methods, what benefits most households today?

Perezchica: An integrated marketing approach works collaboratively with many cross-functional teams — operations, cost, IT, training, construction etc. Some of the questions we are asked every day are, “How can marketing help driving traffic, improving branding, and facilitating visibility with customers? ”On a more tactical level, the‘ website ’is what a big part of the focus is.

As a marketing director, what important decision have you made since the onset of the disease?

Jerry Perezchica. Director of Marketing, Decron Properties. Photo courtesy of Decron Properties

Perezchica: Respect our internal customers – operations, training, sales – and prospective / residents. Things were rapidly evolving and changing on an ongoing basis, and as an organization, we worked to reduce new systems / programs that were short-lived in nature because of COVID-19.

The emphasis is on helping our teams and seeing the areas that will have the longest long-term impact — two models are implementing a new CRM product that better interacts with our customers, as well as ensuring and improving a our number one. Many of the services and websites offered in the past year — say “no” and pass many of these help desks remain focused.

Decron Properties largely develops and operates luxury stores, a class of assets that have been severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak. You quickly adjusted your sample market when the epidemic broke out, but is there a way that marketing professionals can “plan for emergencies”?

Perezchica: Creating a system of analysis, reporting and feedback will allow you to be prepared for when crises come. Consistency with your team movement and the market to measure your trade mix when needed is key. Work with your internal market partners or business partners, who will be able to quickly adapt to changing market-conditions.

Salt river. Photo courtesy of Decron Properties

Tell us about the importance of methodological marketing techniques. How do you keep track of digital marketing numbers on your file?

Perezchica: Any application that has a dashboard includes high -level results. The key is to translate this information into possible information processes. This includes site-checking for systems, availability, system failures.

Depending on the number of methods used, it is important to build on the time analysis details in a way that is useful for the method. Some may require a weekly review, while other areas may be done on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Having your industry partners accept this and make it part of the workflow and routine business processes is also key. In addition, having systems in place that allow internal team members to provide feedback is critical.

What marketing activities deliver the best ROI?

Perezchica: Advertising campaigns on your company’s website offer the best ROI. This is the center for prospects, residents, employers, investors and all your shareholders. Investing time and resources to ensure all systems are integrated with the best possible website should be a high-priority. Your CRM vision, career and job branding, integrated reviews, visits, videos and door residents are some examples that seamlessly integrate helps improve ROI.

Playa del Oro. Photo courtesy of Decron Properties

What do you do on the idea of ​​adapting model marketing to appeal to specific generations?

Perezchica: Understanding the number of groups is fun, but don’t spend too much time focusing on how to organize the group. Moreover, it is important to provide a variety of ways to communicate based on where the customer is – whether digital, in -person, telephone or a hybrid of all three. . Which of the population contributes the most to understanding who your customer is in the different affiliate or unit type.

What is the best way to conduct reviews on social media?

Perezchica: Use the evaluation – both positive and negative – as customer’s opinion. Look for practices for improvement areas and opportunities to thank your teams. Respond with compassion and gratitude for feedback.

Considering the many household sales trends you see at the beginning of COVID-19, what stays and what doesn’t?

Perezchica: Things didn’t have to change but the sales process accelerated. Leading players, smart experts and an increasing focus on digital are here to stay. Amen setting up tools will be less of a focus.

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