A wild video shows Florida’s incarnation to imitate his alligator ‘way’ – in a garbage can

Eugene Bozzi was dumped in a public landmark this week after his video of trapping an alligator in a garbage dump in Florida went viral.

“Someone has to get up and do something,” Bozzi told NBC affiliate WESH of Orlando, Florida. “We all looked out, didn’t we?”

A native of Philadelphia has only been in Sunshine State for a year.

“I don’t know how to do it, so I did it my way,” said Bozzi, a veteran and father.

In a video clip posted on social media on Tuesday, he could be seen encountering a crocodile with an open garbage can next to it in front of the yard. Dressed in shorts, T-shirt, socks and slippers, Bozzi can be seen in the clipping clip next to the reptile as it bounced back.

The videos caught him scratching the glittering alligator inside the trash can before finally closing the lid, securing its grip.

“I was scared when I had it in it because it was so powerful, and I didn’t expect that,” Bozzi said. “And it was pushing itself out, hitting its tail around.”

He then pushed a garbage can towards the storage pool where the gator was released.

As the incident went viral, Bozzi said he had been overwhelmed by reports.

“I have a lot of inboxes, DMs, women saying things, men saying things, people I know, friends,” he said.

Forest encounters have already captured the attraction of the authorities and wildlife officials.

The official Twitter account of Orange County, Florida, returned the video, saying: “Reminder: Pigs cannot be repeated in your blue chariot.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission he added.

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