A North Carolina man who wins the lottery and the ticket he forgot to buy

Gregory Warren, a mechanic in Franklinville, picked up a Cash 5 lottery ticket for the September 29 photo filling the gas one day after work.

“I don’t buy lottery tickets often,” Warren told lottery officials. “It just so happens that I’ve picked up a good shopping day!”

He did not look for a ticket until Monday, October 4. That’s when Warren realized he had won half of the $ 391,870 jackpot.

“I forgot about it,” Warren said Tuesday as he collected his prize at the North Carolina Education Lottery headquarters in Raleigh. “I’m still shocked. I didn’t get enough sleep last night. So much fun!”

After being denied tax by the state, he walked away with a cool $ 138,624.

“I think I’m going into business I’m cutting yards,” Warren said. “I have a 14-year-old son and I want to start a business so he can have something to do when he finishes high school.”

The other half of the jackpot went to a woman in New Bern.

Are Warren’s chances of winning the Cash 5 jackpot? Lottery officials said it was 1 in 962,598.


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