A Fort Bragg soldier is accused of killing a pregnant girl, and shooting her while driving

A soldier stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina was arrested by China and charged with murder for allegedly shooting his pregnant girlfriend while walking down a Georgia road.

Akeila Ware, who was 33 weeks pregnant, was driving when Alonzo Dargan Jr. he was following her in another car Tuesday, said Capt Kelli Ellington, as well as the County County Sheriff’s Office.

Dargan, 30, ran Ware – pregnant with her baby – out of the way and shot from behind the wheel of a Nissan Altima, Ellington told a news conference Friday.

“She collapsed. He was shot while driving, ”said Ellington. Dargan was arrested Thursday night by the military, Ellington said. He is charged with murder, murder – or the death of an unborn child – and possession of a firearm at trial, he said.

Ware’s mother, Twila Ware, said her daughter’s shooting felt surreal, NBC affiliated with WRAL in Raleigh reported.

“It’s just like a dream, you’re going to wake up from it,” he said. The story revealed Akeila Ware was a nurse.

No relatives of Ware or Dargan are available until Friday.

Troup County Sheriff James Woodroof apologized to the Ware family during the broadcast. They said when officials first arrived at Ware’s car, they thought they were responding to a car accident. But “he turned out to be a murderer,” he said.

Woodroof called Dargan’s actions a “horrific crime.” He also commended the Ellington team of inspectors for working tirelessly to speed up the arrest.

Ellington said investigators found evidence that the inmate’s car was a silver Nissan. They also learned Ware was in a relationship with Dargan, a soldier stationed at Fort Bragg, who had a silver Nissan Altima.

“Some of the evidence we have found has placed him in Group County at the time of the murder,” he said.

Dargan grew up in Town County, located 70 miles south of Atlanta, and once went to school with Ware, Ellington said.

Dargan, who was married to another woman, was not the father of Ware’s five other children, Ellington said.

He had been arrested at the Cumberland County Detention Center in North Carolina. Dargan had to stay there until he was transferred to Group County, Ellington said.

Records from the detention center Friday afternoon showed Dargan had been detained as a refugee from the courts from Georgia.

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