A Florida man was charged after a minor shot his mother during a Zoom call

A Florida man was arrested Tuesday in connection with the shooting death of a woman who was on Zoom phone call when he was two years old at gunpoint, officials said.

The man, Veondre Avery, 22, the child’s father, was charged with murder and failing to keep a firearm safely in the murder of Shamaya Lynn, 21, on August 11, the state attorney general’s office said in a statement.

The teenager found the gun, which went off while Lynn was on Zoom phone call with co-workers, in the couple’s home in Altamonte Springs, officials said.

Someone on the phone called 911 and said that he heard a noise before Lynn fell backwards. When police arrived, they found Avery performing CPR on Lynn, prosecutors said.

Avery was arrested Tuesday and was in custody Tuesday night. Online talent records did not appear to show the story, and it was unclear if he had a lawyer.

None of the two children who were at home at the time were injured, police said.

“I know sadly, I know it may not be something that person wanted to do, but now you have a chance,” Altamonte Springs police officer Rob Ruiz told reporters Tuesday.

The state attorney general’s office said a police investigation revealed the gun was in a “Paw Patrol” bag in the couple’s bedroom.

A single gunshot was fired, and “evidence from the court made it clear that the child was armed and independent,” the prosecutor’s office said. Lynn was shot in the head.

The redesigned part of the 911 audio recording man, apparently Avery, pleaded with the emergency medical staff to hurry up. He told the dispatcher that as soon as he got home he found his girlfriend on the floor bleeding and did not know what had happened. In the audio, he reads as he does CPR before help arrives.

Ruiz said gun owners have a responsibility to protect their guns. The police urged guns to remain silent their weapons.

Altamonte Springs is a city around 43,800 in the north of Orlando.

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