8 injured in a Texas house collapse apartment building after the appearance of a gas explosion

A gas explosion in Dallas has damaged four firefighters and civilians and caused a collapse of a building, according to local officials.

As of Wednesday night, three firefighters were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and one firefighter was released from the hospital after treatment. All the civilians listed in the tropics, Jason Evans, a spokesman for Dallas Fire-Rescue, said.

Dallas Fire-Rescue responded at 10:21am to breathe natural gas at 5726 Highland Hills Road in South Dallas, local officials said Wednesday.

While firefighters were investigating, an explosion occurred, “resulting in a selective collapse of a two-story building,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue.

“There is no information on the cause of the explosion, as this will be a joint investigation involving the DFR, as well as several national, government and coalition agencies, to determine the exact cause of the explosion,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue.

The building that collapsed slightly has 10 sections and was demolished for safety reasons on Wednesday. Three hundred large flat residents are being evacuated to a place where the gas is turned off and until a security investigation has found the Highland Hills Road homes safe to return.

“Currently, the department is working closely with the City’s Office of Emergency Management, the American Red Cross and local authorities to provide shelter for those injured,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue. “All buildings in the area will be inspected and inspected so that residents can return safely.”

NBC News affiliated with KXAS-TV reported from the site that although the explosion “appeared to have damaged two other buildings, firefighters were able to extinguish the fire before burning the building or spreading it to nearby buildings.”

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson tweeted“Please pray for firefighters and injured civilians.”

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