$ 2 million was raised in Marine who criticized officials over Afghanistan’s ouster

More than 27,000 donors have donated $ 2 million to the decorated US Marine has accused its leaders of abusing the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller took to Facebook Live in August to criticize his superiors and embarrass the country in several videos that quickly circulated on the internet. Scheller was later detained and placed in solitary confinement at Camp Lejeune for his actions.

Scheller’s parents, Stu and Cathy Scheller, spoke to “Fox News Primetime” Friday to express their concerns about their son’s well-being. According to Stu Scheller, they were told by Marine Corps that Lt. Col. Scheller could face “long prison terms.”

The parents of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, Stu Sr. by Cathy, who talks about “Tucker Carlson Today” after their Marine son was arrested.
(Fox News)


Fox News Primetime receiver Brian Kilmeade said the average contribution was $ 74, bringing the total to $ 1.8 million on Friday. That number has now exceeded $ 2,000. The fundraiser, organized by the Pipe Hitter Foundation, received financial support from veterans and American citizens alike.

The donors paid tribute to Scheller for his courageous speech.

“It represents integrity, character and character,” said another donor, Paul Kenyon. ” You are a political prisoner. The USMC is embarrassing itself with the way you are treated. “I have calmed your courage.”

Kenyon donated $ 104.15.

Some criticized the military leadership in support of Scheller.

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John Habel, who likened Kenyon’s contribution to, called Scheller’s officials “a disgrace to a coward who must have resigned.”

“Stu we are behind you,” Habel continued. “There are more ‘nationalists’ who want to be more self-sacrificing than ‘yes men’ who are just arrogant to take the top position of a leader within a false government.”

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